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Business Assurance Services

As your business grows, it becomes essential to understand whether the business is operating the way it is intended to be. Hence, as Senior Management or Business Owners, you would require to engage an independent team to provide you an assurance as to whether the business is operating as you have intended or not.

At ABANA, we extend this assurance services through the following service-lines:

Internal Audit Services: We have adopted a Risk-based Internal Audit approach, wherein we would engage in reviewing the High Impact/High Probability Areas, critical to your business. As Internal Auditors, we focus on addressing revenue leakages, cost overruns and productivity improvements for our client's business processes. Read More>

Information Systems Audit Services: For those clients, where IT is being used within business cycles, we have the capability to review the Application Controls and IT General Controls for the scoped-in business cycle. Read More>

Continuous Monitoring Services: In certain critical business transactions, we have the capability to implement a continuous monitoring mechanism, wherein our team would oversee these transactions and provide an assurance to the business owner. Read More>